Meet the team

Data Analyst

Jessy Blacklet

¨Softmarx has been more than a job, it has been a life experience, having such capable professionals who are actively solving problems to meet the needs of our clients¨

Software Developer

Luka Barnochi

“An incredible place to grow and learn, an incredible track that turns every minute into a precious development”


Tiffany Zolkover

¨Softmarx has changed my game, I am so grateful to share so many creative ideas with such an effective team! ¨

Finances Director

Niklaus Mikaelson

“Working for Softmarx has been a truly rewarding experience, I am very honored to witness the constant development of our team”

Operations Manager

Alice Petrova

“When I joined Softmarx I was barely leaving university, it was the place where I grew up and gained professional experience, what you can learn from such excellent and qualified professionals is an everyday privilege”

Database Designer

Derek Jones

“Softmarx has been my family for 5 years, I am extremely grateful to have such a professional crue”